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Street Beat: The Drowners

Earlier this year while living in NYC my friend took me to a concert to hear Skaters, a new indie band heavily promoted by Cory Kennedy, play at the Bowery Ballroom. Little did we know that two other bands were playing before them so since we had arrived there early we were able to watch their full sets. The first band was sort of meh but the second band not only delighted our ears but also our eyes (the four band members are INSANELY cute), this band was called The Drowners.
After doing a bit of digging I found out that this band has actually been around quite a while and I only wish I had discovered them earlier. The four members, Matt Hitt, Jack Ridley, Erik Snyder and David Rubin started the band in New York around two years ago and their main inspiration is The Smiths. While they have yet to release an album their song, Long Hair, will more than suffice for now.
 Take a listen below and let us know your thoughts! x

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