beanie, black booties, boyfriend jeans, Buffalo Exchange, casual, Dillards, dolce vita, gold rings, H&M, NASTYGAL, The Street Styler, Tweed jacket, white blouse, Z Spoke Zac Posen, Zac Posen

Casual Tweed

Jacket: H&M / Blouse: Macy’s / Jeans: Nastygal / Boots: Dolce Vita / Beanie: Buffalo Exchange / Bag: Zac Posen 
They say you should take advantage of school and enjoy it as much as you can because once you’re out, you’ll miss it. I loved school yet I never thought I would miss it. Maybe is because these were the first school days and instead of walking to class like the rest of the students I now have to wake up for work… and maybe to the gym. You start changing one routine for another but the good thing about it is that, besides not doing homework anymore, my school visits would be only to hang around with the friends I left, to talk to the professors that taught me everything I know and even to take some photographs like today’s blog post.
Suddenly your four years in college went by and now you’re starting a new chapter of huge life changes that only depend on you. At this point feels like slowly but sure, life is giving a full turn and is starting to settle.  Don’t over think, don’t plan so much ahead; set goals, work hard and let things flow. Sometimes everything turns better than you expect.



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