asymmetric, black booties, Calvin Klein, Denim shirt, mirrored sunglasses, ootd, sunnies, The Street Styler, Vintage, Zara

Black & Denim

Shirt: Calvin Klein / Skirt: Zara / Booties: Pink & Pepper / Bag: Vintage / Sunnies: Loft 
Photography: Elihu Garcia
Let’s talk about clothing! What a dilemma every day when you wake up to your closet and ask the million dollar question, “What should I wear?” You want to wear a blouse and then you remember you used it two days before; instead of putting it at the end of your closet, take it out and accessorize! I believe it is more interesting and original to learn how to wear the same piece over and over with different accessories, than wearing new pieces ever day — and, it saves you money! Just take Olivia Palermo as an example, wear what you love every time you want to in different ways instead of wearing what everybody’s wearing thinking that it’s “fashionable”.

The key is to be organized and selective. An organized closet can help you more than you think and picking your outfit the night before saves a lot of time as well. Remember that it is not about quantity it is about quality. You can have 10 great pieces in your wardrobe that you can mix and match around 25 times! Think about it next time you go shopping.

“I suppose sometimes I regret a trend, but I rarely ever regret an outfit, because at the moment that I’m wearing it, I know how much I love it.” – Olivia Palermo

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