boyfriend jeans, burgundy, casual, downtown, floppy hat, NASTYGAL, New york company, oversized sweater, pink coat

The Pink Coat

Coat: New York Company (similar here) / Jeans: Nastygal / Sweatshirt & Booties: Forever21 / Hat: Forever21 (similar here)
Photography: Reynaldo Vento

Hello March! The month where spring begins and when pastel colors start hitting the streets. I’m not a lot into trends but there’s a je ne sais quoi about Spring that I absolutely adore. Even though the tricky weather doesn’t always let me wear my favorite pair of sandals, it’s about playing with what you have from winter and summer and just mix and match all – period. 

As you can see the statement of this post are the coat and hat; simple yet stylish. I might say good-bye to my favorite pink coat once the heat settles in the RGV, but my hat well, you might see my hats… a lot! 

What’s your favorite Spring staple?



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