booties, Clutch, dolce vita, faux fur, maxi skirt, necessary clothing, red lips, Simply Vera, statement necklace, The Street Styler, Vera wang, vest, white blouse, Zimmermann

New Year, New You

Skirt: Necessary Clothing / Blouse: Forever21 / Vest: Simply Vera by Vera Wang / Necklace: Forever21 / Clutch: Zimmermann / Boots: Dolce Vita

New Dreams, 
New Days, 
New Desires, 
New Ways, 
New Year, 
New You. 


American Eagle, booties, bun, burgundy, Candies, denim shorts, financial district, gold, H&M, Simply Vera, tote bag, wall st

Financial District

Shirt: H&M/ Shorts: American Eagle/ Booties: Candies / Necklace: Simply Vera by Vera Wang/ Bag: Urban Expressions

They say things turn out better when you don’t plan them, and in this case that happened. New York City has everyday surprises and our photoshoot day was all about the uptown subways being closed plus a little bit of rain. We had to work with what we had: Financial District, the place I call home for the summer.

My outfit is for a relaxing weekend. I’m wearing a button down, loose, burgundy shirt, ripped denim shorts, booties and a statement necklace. I love denim shorts and while you can wear them with wedge sandals you can also wear them with the most important asset in the city, booties! That’s right, even in the summer booties are your feet’s best friends. Always remember that even on bad days you can make an ordinary outfit look extraordinary. Always be ready to hit the streets because you never know what the day will bring to you.